Apple - Creativity Goes On // 2020
Middleditch & Schwartz
Middleditch & Schwartz - Trailer // 2020
Early Man
Early Man - Official Trailer // 2018
Coca-Cola - 1,000 Name Celebration // 2017
Colossal - Official Trailer // 2017
Fearless - Opening Sequence // 2016

The Young Ebenezers

The Young Ebenezers is a composing duo based in Boston and New York. Comprised of Benny Santoro and Steve Sopchak, their credits include scoring the Emmy-nominated Netflix docu-series "Fearless," contributing to numerous trailers for television series and major motion pictures alike, and providing custom pieces for hundreds of advertising campaigns for global brands such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Google, Microsoft, and many more. Campaigns featuring the music of The Young Ebenezers have gone on to win at The Cannes Lions Festival and The Clio Awards, and continue to be featured prominently in industry publications such as Adweek and Ad Age.